Monday, September 17, 2007

The Way Others See It #4

Jay doesn't have a life. He has a LIFE. His blog is called Jays LIFE. Like others, he's quoted my Starbucks cup and shared how I see it. Here's how he sees it:
On other good news; i got my camera back! it was in shop for a little while, yesterday i was able to pick it up
Man all this stress has me all worked up! my neck really hurts lately and i know what it is. Other news The gym ... i really like going and a lot of times it helps me just get tired and go home sleep. I feel like i am making progress but i wish there was a faster way it seems its really easy to gain weight and so hard to loose it. Well it is time to go now its 5:09 and i should stop ranting

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Scott Chicken said...

Well, per his profile "JAY IS FABULOUS". And confused. Perhaps fabulously confused. Which I think would describe me if I had lived in Vegas when I was 19.

OK, maybe it would have been more "drunk and confused". But then, that's pretty much the description of me when I was 19 and in Walla Walla, so never mind.