Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Thoughts Had While Reading Garfield With Charlie (Age 6)

1. This is my duty as a father, to encourage my son's interests even when there is nothing remotely funny or entertaining about Garfield.
2. Why does Garfield hate Mondays? He doesn't even have a job.
3. Jon can't hear Garfield's thoughts can he?
4. You know what's worse than Garfield? Nothing. Nothing is worse than Garfield.
5. How about his fixation at age 2 with "Barney Goes to the Pet Shop"? Cause that was pretty bad.
6. No, this is worse.
7. This is much worse.
8. Is the house that Jon and Garfield live in completely full of counters? Cause almost every strip they're in involves sitting at a counter of some sort. Are there counters on every single wall?
9. Why would any homeowner put up with even a single large mouse hole? What kind of squalor are you living in to allow a huge arched hole in your floorboard that extends up past the molding and into the wall?
10. Whither Lyman?

11. Charlie (Age 6) is reading on his own now. Why does he need me to...I shouldn't be...I mean what is the FREAKIN' POINT! my son love my son love my son.
12. Garfield's 29 years old now. Shouldn't there have been some sort of euthanasia procedure administered in the late 1990's?
13. Tonight, while the family sleeps, a run to the library and an appointment with the drop box.

14. I wonder how he'd like The Far Side?


Anonymous said...

Calvin and Hobbes, Peanuts, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Asterix, and the Far Side are so much better than "I hate mondays"

Robin Winzler Lane said...

Share Calvin & Hobbes with him immediately! (My son is actually named Calvin, in homage to same.)

Far Side might take another couple years to grok.


Scott Chicken said...

I can't answer it, but know that you're not alone. Logan STILL thinks Garfield is funny, and he's 10. He also likes Calvin & Hobbes, though, and Mutts and Pears Before Swine (we're both big fans of the crocs). I keep hoping he'll grow out of the Garfield thing, but until then I grit my teeth and say "well, I only have time for three pages tonight, so if you want to read more you'll have to do it on your own."

the beige one said...

You know what's worse than Garfield? Nothing.

Heathcliff? Marmaduke? Late era Wizard of Id? Hi & Lois?

Maybe by the tiniest degrees of soul-less-ness does Garfield remain the king of suck, but really not by much.

thank god for the Herman/Circus experiment.

john said...

Update: I should have clarified but yes, we are well versed in Calvin & Hobbes also. It's better, of course, but man it can get dense sometimes. Asterix is a good one. I've been considering that one.

Matthew said...

Whoa, synchronicity : this morning, riding bike to work, I glanced through the window of a passing SUV, saw a kid sitting in the backseat reading a Garfield book, and was all, like, "Wha-? Kids still read that crap?"

Anonymous said...

"Bone" and "Lions Tigers and Bears" are where it's at for my 5 year old.

Scott Chicken said...

The best part of Asterix is that then you can trick him in to thinking the Roman names are actually in Latin. That will confuse the hell out of him if he ever ends up taking it..."wait, you mean Chrismus Bonus isn't an authentic name? WTF?"

Tintin's good too...I've got both series, and much to my dismay Logan is interested in neither.

Anonymous said...

Garfield isn't that bad. It's not as bad as, say, Ziggy or Marmaduke. My favorite comics are Foxtrot, Pickles, & Off the Mark.