Thursday, September 27, 2007

Things I Want to Give Up But Can't

1. Laptop use after 9pm.
2. Getting mad when people write about something that "peaked my interest" or, worse, "peeked my interest".
3. Listening to "Tired Eyes" by Neil Young relentlessly.



Tina Rowley said...

Facebook. It is dorktastic and unstoppable and brain-melting and retarded and unfortunate and I'm glued to it.

Also, black and white Milano cookies. They're so good that it is difficult to leave even the smallest downtime in between cookies.

Jennifer said...

1. Online backgammon
2. Instant oatmeal for breakfast
3. You

Scott Chicken said...

1. Getting to bed at 11:30 instead of 11 or earlier

2. Getting sucked in to craptastic VH1 celebreality shows that air between 11 and midnight and, therefore, keep me up way too late

3. Famous Amos cookies. Not to intentionally copy Tina, but damn they're addicting...

MintyJ said...

1. Pringles.
2. Pringles.
3. Pringles.
4. Us Magazine.
5. Pringles.
6. Metalocalypse.
7. Pringles.

Christopher said...

1. The Stranger's blog - The Slog. I check it waaaay too frequently during the day.

2. Cheap, high-carb Chinese take-out.

3. My expensive boat moorage. There are cheaper places I could keep it, but the location is too good to give up.

susansinclair said...

1. Being a grammar fascist about hyphen usage. The OED folks are relaxing about it, so you think I could, but since *I* took the time to learn the rules...
2. Reading blogs when I should be bathing the dog or grading papers.

Anonymous said...

1 - MarioKart 64
2 - Rock of Love
3 - Tra-Ling's discount Chinese food

Matthew said...


No wait, actually I was able to give that up--I'd totally forgotten about it, in fact, until this moment. Hmm, I wonder if I still have it installed ...


Anonymous said...

1) Coke Zero. Gawd help me if they stop making it.

2) DVRing The Daily Show & The Colbert Report, despite the fact that Comcast's DVR insists on recording every rerun every day even though I specifically tell it not to, dammit.

3) Giving the kids piggy back rides from their beds to the living room every morning. Someday they're gonna gain weight, and my back is going to pay. They're just so damned cute! But when they're fifteen?... eeeeeeyeahhhh.

scouter573 said...

1. Cruising the Internet after 10pm when I should be sleeping.

2. Butter. Gah - I love the stuff. On toast, on popcorn, to cook with, in baked goods, ahhh... more butter... when I should be using less of it.

3. Procrastination. I should give it up, but it feels so.... good....

Anonymous said...

1.) Obsessing about my hair.
2.) Scouring the lyrics of my favorite singer/songwriter looking for clues to trouble in his marriage.
3.) “Enabling” my still unpotty-trained 3 year old King Charles Spaniel by hiding her accidents from my husband.
4) Making my six-year old listen to “Jewel” in hopes she will one day want to play the guitar.