Friday, August 10, 2007

Joy + Sorrow of Parenting

For some reason, it took until my son was 6 3/4 years old to introduce him to Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana. That's just inexcusable. I'm sorry.

My hair is now long enough to thrash about and that came in handy when I played the song loudly in the living room. Charlie took to moshing instinctively and we had the most wonderful one song dance party ever.

After it was over, he said, "Who is the leader of that band?! I want to meet him and get his autograph!"



Anonymous said...

I've tried to explain Kurt to my 8 YO son a couple of times. I just can't. All I can ever come up with is, "well, he lived in Olympia for a time, you know?"

Anonymous said...

we had to explain KC to a slightly older child recently, while driving through the area of town where he ended his life. meantime, all these years later, we are still distraught ourselves. the day it happened, we were painting part of our utility room. we stopped painting. that project remains unfinished.