Monday, August 27, 2007



Christopher said...

Wow, King Midas, but with Skittles.

And creepy to boot: "I shook his hand - " (revealing a fistful of Skittles) "he'll never see his family again."

And the two co-workers just keep eating the Skittles!

Which begs the question: if you turn someone into Skittles and then eat them, are you a cannibal?

john said...

Actually, Charlie (Age 6) posed a good question also: what happens if he touches Skittles?

Scott Chicken said...

Well, clearly if the skittles he touches are ones he creates then nothing happens. If, however, he touches fresh skittles then the transitive property of the skittle takes over and he turns in to Mike & Ikes.

Kimm said...

Ordinarily, our resident Small Person would really like this. Since he's got metal in his mouth again and big gaps where teeth used to be, I'm thinking I'll spare him feeling envious about one of his favorite candies.

Halloween could be depressing again this year!