Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Where the hell have I been?

Yeah, you see this is what happens when you start a new job. So I've been out of KUOW for a month now and working on Weekend America. I've been down to LA five times in the past six weeks, burning through one season of The Wire on DVD and almost two seasons of 24. I've hosted that show (Weekend America, not 24) three times. Meanwhile I've been trying to learn a new sound editing program and on top of that finding a new workspace (I am the Seattle bureau of the show), renting it, furnishing it, getting internet and phone hooked up, and trying to remember to occasionally shower and shave. So updates have been sparse on this blog. Sorry. Fans of Charlie and Kate will hear them on this weekend's show on a story I've been doing about how to teach your kids about heavy metal. I interviewed Kevin DuBrow of Quiet Riot and Sebastian Bach from Skid Row. And Charlie and Kate. Also had an interesting chat with Charlie about the ethnicity of Santa and Jesus which I'll post later.

Oh! And I'm officially going to be on a Starbucks cup. 5 million of them, actually, where my quotation will be covered by a cardboard sleeve and then the cup tossed without a thought. Coming in the fall just in time for the paperback. Have I mentioned I wrote a book?


Scott Chicken said...

If you need any AV aids for the metal lessons I now have the Spinal Tap DVD...although that could lead Charlie down the path of foil-wrapped vegetables, so maybe it's not such a good idea.

Anonymous said...

you wrote a book? i thought that was just a dream!

Scott Chicken said...

Loved the piece...heard it in the car with the kids and Maya was quite taken with the Polly Pocket song. If we play the Pacific Rim again this summer the Ninjas need to open for us!