Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Barack Obama might talk a good game but can he build a flying saucer?

Been doing some research today on candidates that are further down the list. This guy is a real actual declared candidate for President, filed the papers and everything, Democrat:

I am President Warren Roderick Ashe. I was born in Whitakers, North Carolina on January 20th, 1957. I am married with 5 children, Alexander, Maurice, Apollo, Vermond, and Nikki. Alex and Maurice are now in college. My wife Corether and I live in Newsome Park community in Newport News.
I am the United States President Auxiliary since 1981. I am also the Founder, Owner, President of my company Jyperonix Astrophysics. Which is a Fortune 500 company at the top of the list. I am involved with time travel communications that are real. And capable of time travel contact throughout history itself.
The transmissions involves White House, Congress, Air Force, department of FCC, and the DOD-SBIR/STTR program for submission proposals. I also build flying saucers that are capable of going to another solar system at high warp speed.
I started this program of time travel communications in the Ronald Reagan administration in 1981. The time travel transmissions have communicated at least and no less than 500 years into the future. I have used my saucers built by hand at Edgecombe Community College in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. That has already since 1983 taken sperm and DNA into the future. Into the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th centuries. The methods I used are through flux capacitation and wormhole technology.


Christopher said...

Hm, anti-gravity, space-time warps, FTL - this guy should be richer than Bill Gates by now, right?

That, or maybe he's just seen "Back To The Future" one too many times...

Scott Chicken said...

I'm just thankful that someone has finally taken on the problem of how to deliver sperm into other solar systems in the future. 'cause I hear those alien chicks are just begging for the stuff.

Matthew said...

It would be nice to see someone in office continue Clinton's aggressive agenda of sperm dissemination.