Saturday, December 16, 2006

Point / Counterpoint

Criticism is part of the deal when you write a book. Recently someone posted on their LiveJournal this assessment of my efforts:

"Wow, this was bad. Moe's writing style, you know, is like full of verbal, you know, tics. Um, yeah. Like, hard to, you know, read? That's not counting the overwhelming condescension he walks into every situation radiating. The bits worth reading are where Moe interviews Rich Lowry and Jonah Goldberg and some of the other bright conservative lights and realizes that they've thought their way into their positions. But mostly, it's full of cheap shots and knee-jerk silliness. This book too could have been great and isn't even close."

Their friend, or cyberfriend, or electrofriend or whatever, said this:

"I heard Moe speak at the Texas Book Festival (on a panel with David Rakoff, who was who I went to see). I thought he was hysterical, but I can see how a book of his could be annoying, since it sounds like he writes much as he speaks. Which is rarely a good thing. Guess I can cross that book off my "to read" list--thanks!"

To which I replied this:

"No. In person, I'm a complete boor. A total disappointment. You think you're going to like me but I just let you down. You become sorry you ever spent the money to be with me. Sure, I might be to some people's tastes but man, you just won't get it. Save your money and just hang out with David Sedaris instead. He's always reliable.



wells said...

I was let down by this blog post.

wells said...

I will also say: I am leaving Seattle for Austin, and your presence on KUOW will be one of the things I miss most about this city.

john said...

Oh of course. Instead of giving power to these folks, I've decided to embrace them in my own way.

Matthew said...

You write for HarperCollins; he writes for LiveJournal. Seriously, what more needs to be, like, said?

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Sucks to them.

You're the cutest, smartest boy in the whole school, and if they don't appreciate your writing, who needs them. Plenty of other reader-fish in the sea.