Friday, December 15, 2006

A Conversation with Charlie (Age 6) Where the Mystery is Solved

HIM: Dad, women have nipples to feed babies.
ME: Right.
HIM: And do you know why men have nipples?
ME: No. Nobody seems to know the answer to that one.
HIM: I think I know. It's for doing oogas.
ME: Doing...?
HIM: Oogas. Like gorillas beating their chests or Tarzan when he beats his chest and yells. It makes those sound louder.
ME: Men's nipples are drums?
HIM: Well, I think so.


Jennifer said...

You didn't introduce him to titty twisters, then?

On a side note, do not listen to the weather forecast when listening to a podcast of The Works. It is VERY confusing!

Scott Chicken said...

That's as good an answer as any, I suppose. At least he didn't say "So I can do THIS!" then reach over and give you a titty twister...