Friday, September 02, 2005

A Phone Conversation About Charlie (age 4)

ME: Hello?
GUY: Hi, may I speak to Charlie Moe please?
ME: Hmm. Not sure you want to do that. He's four.
GUY: Oh. Um...Well, I'm calling from the Sierra Club...
ME: Oh yes. He's a member.
GUY: Uh, did someone give him a membership as a gift or something?
ME: No, he joined himself. Heard about ANWR, emptied his piggy bank, and signed up. Did it pretty much on his own.
GUY: Oh.
ME: I mean, I could put him on the phone but...
GUY: Right.
ME: He wouldn't be able to...
GUY: Yeah...
ME: Okey-dokey. Good bye!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What if Charlie did answer the phone?

Charlie: ICE KWEEM!!!

Sierra Club: Excuse me? I need to speak with Charlie Moe. Who is this?

Charlie: I spiderman. BAM! WOOOSH!

Sierra Club: I see. May I speak with Charlie?

Charlie: Yes

Sierra Club: Thank you


Charlie: Pop Swickle

Sierra Club: This still sounds like spiderman.

Charlie: No...I Charlie

Sierra Club: Oh..good. We would like to thank you for your efforts in protecting the planet. Are there any concerns that you would like to address to us?

Charlie: GWAPE!!!

Sierra Club: Gwape?

Charlie: I want a gwape pop swickle

Sierra Club: Ok...We will forward that to our Action Network. Thanks again for joining our cause. Bye!

Charlie: Bye