Tuesday, June 03, 2003

So my 7-month-old daughter has achondroplasia. It's the most common form of dwarfism. It means she'll be about 4 feet tall when she grows up. It also means that I've had a swift introduction into the world of little people (if you use the word "m*dget", I will become irate). So the other day, I saw two little people walking down the street, evidently on a date since they were holding hands, and I secretly stared at them a while. Later, I explained to my wife how great it was to see little people on a date (as an average-size parent, you get this irrational fear that your dwarf child won't date) and how I stared at them for a while out of relief and joy and how it wasn't the like other people stare at them. I told her how I wanted to yell, "I'm staring at you but it's okay!". Then my wife gently told me, "Well, you know, it still isn't okay." Yep, I'm still learning a lesson that two year olds are taught: DON'T STARE!

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