Monday, December 08, 2008

A Conversation with Kate (age 6)

We're sitting around the dinner table.

CHARLIE: Does Obama have to have people come and move his stuff to the White House?
ME: Yeah. But I think he's keeping the house in Chicago.
KATE: Who lives in the White House now?
JILL: President Bush, until January, then Barack Obama moves in.
KATE: Is the oldest president buried here?
ME: Where?
KATE: Here! (pointing to dining room table)
ME: The table?
KATE: Yeah!
JILL: You're asking if the oldest president of the United States is buried inside our dining room table?
KATE: Yeah! Is he?
JILL: No. No, there is no president or anyone buried in our dining room table.
KATE: Where is he?
JILL: Probably buried in the ground.
KATE: Oh! Like my hamster!
ME: You're hamster isn't dead, Kate.



Andy Jukes said...

Keep an eye on that hamster…

Kate said...

What is the going rate for hamster therapy? "She doesn't even notice that I'm ALIVE!"

nancymcjensen said...

I think Kate is simply prescient. Aren't you guys on Cutie the 9th or something?

Lindsay Katai said...

WHAT in the WHAT?