Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm STILL on to you!

Inspired by a Twitter tweet (what?) from the estimable Scott Simpson, I realize we're way overdue for another round of I'm On To You.

You know the rules. Tell us who or what isn't fooling you for a minute. Tell us about whom or what the jig is up. The truth is out. Come clean. Put the topper on the cake, call Aunt Betty, strap the harness to the wolverines because I'M ON TO YOU!

I'm on to you, Mike Huckabee.
I'm on to you, Dirty Sexy Money.
I'm on to you as well, artichokes on pizza.
Of course, of course, I'm on to you, Axl Rose, that should come as no surprise.
And obviously the American auto industry, on to you.
Also, you've been putting one over on people for a long time but I'm on to you, grapefruit.




Justin Riley said...

I'm on to you, guy wearing shorts on November 20th in Milwaukee.
I'm on to you, Henry Paulson.
I'm on to you, "The entire (insert name of comic book universe) will be changed forever!!!"
I'm on to you with a vengeance, out of state money to sway another state's civil rights laws.
And there's no way I couldn't be on to you, reduced size Cadbury Creme Eggs. My hunger found you out.

scottsimpson said...

I'm on to you, trellis. You look like you'll protect me from the rain, but you don't.

susie tennant said...

i'm on to you berenstain bears!

i'm also on to you people trying to pin the economic mess on all the "low-income people who took out loans they couldn't afford, then defaulted, creating this crisis."

how 'bout blaming the people who worked the loopholes, manipulated the system, and made obscene profits at the expense of our country's well-being?

Lindsay Katai said...

I'm on to you, Twilight.

Anonymous said...

Chaka onto you, Sleestak! You steal wifi connection from Chaka internet Pylon! Chaka get firewall as soon as fire out of beta!

Anonymous said...

I'm on to you, "The show everyone's talking about!"

I'm on to you, black-and-white infomercial scenes depicting people hurting themselves physically and emotionally with everyday objects!

I'm on to you, I'm on to you.

Translation smoke working! ... Oh... :(

Anonymous said...

I'm on to you, Ron "Les" Paul.

I'm on to you Ron "Mrs." Paul.

Jasph said...

Re: "I'm on to you, I'm on to you." Yeah, should it be "onto"? I thought I knew, but I guess I'm not that on to you, onto you.

I'm on to you, Bill O'Reilly, but soon I'll click off.

I'm on to you, Creative Brief. You are neither.

I'm on to you, Berlinwood Fingerboards that my seven-year-old covets and that cost krillions of dollars and that I Just Don't Understand The Appeal Of...wait, that means I'm not on to you.

I'm on to you, darling--well, at least I hope to be.

Anonymous said...

I'm on to you pirates.
I'm on to you books. It's like the internet with paper cuts...and lies.

Just one tall girl named Laurel said...

I'm on to you, low-cal ice cream.

I'm on to you, ABC's "Private Practice."

And you think you've got everyone fooled and blaming the cool weather, but I'm SOoooo on to you, air conditioning thermostat.

Andy Joe said...

I'm on to you Stephanies Ronson and Meyer.

Anonymous said...

I'm on to you, Cap'n Crunch; I'll keep the roof of my mouth "unshredded", thanks.

Christopher said...

I'm on to you "Fringe"

I'm on to you persimmons

I'm on to you pentatonic scale

I'm on to you XBox 360 avatars

I'm on to you Joe Lieberman

Emily said...

i'm on to you, gmail themes.
i'm on to you,
i'm on to you, person who doesn't capitalize anything.

Scott Chicken said...

I'm on to you, John Moe, using the power that is Scott Simpson to increase the number of readers of your blog...

Bill E. said...

I'm on to you Gatorade.

And I'm on to you, Netflix 'Watch Now!'

Oh, and I'm definitely on to you, douchebag in the Jeep Cherokee, with your smoking a cigarette while driving and failing to use your turn signal. I'm on to you like GLUE, buddy!

Heather said...

I'm on to you, salted caramel everything!

Jennifer said...

I'm on to you, WaMu :(

I'm on to you, Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association

I'm on to you, distance learning

I'm on to you, no slip yoga mat

Anonymous said...

I'm on to you T-Pain
I'm on to you older lady who doesnt realize she has passed Cougar and entering Sabertooth phase
I'm on to you Swag
I'm on to you gas station brand viagra
I'm on to you seemingly docile Canada
I'm on to you Koala Bears
I'm on to you BET and the theft of my dream

Tina Rowley said...

I'm on to you, water. Yeah. You've been running and hiding for years.

Most other things are still fooling me.

Andy Joe said...

I'm on to you Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State.

I'm on to you Chipotles, restaurant AND salsa.

nancymcjensen said...

I'm on to you and your "fainting", Mike Mukasey.

Cara said...

I'm on to you, "Standard Shipping."

Anonymous said...

I'm on to you, West Elm.

I'm on to you, Weight Watchers and your "eat whatever you want"

I'm on to you, Old Testament.

I'm so on to you I never even knew you, Grey's Anatomy.

Chris Rees said...

I'm on to YOU New Zealand.

and you too New Hampshire. Just like the old Hampshire if you ask me.

Heather said...

I'm on to you, baby photo as Facebook profile pic.

Anonymous said...

I'm onto you suri alpaca fiber.

You won't obey the drum carder and you slip through my fingers when I try to spin you.

You have no elasticity or memory, no lovely crimp for sponginess.

You hold onto dirt like Margaret Moe and a spoon, requiring ridiculous washing efforts.

You need to be prepped with 3 or 5 row combs, not the standard 2 row jobbies I have.

When you are knitted, you sag. What are you good for? Lace shawls? That I must spin super fine and then knit on tiny needles making for tedious row after row after row of knitting? This means ridiculous hours of effort for something that will just make me look fat?

On top of all this, you cost more than crimpy washable huacaya alpaca.

Oh yeah, I am so onto you, suri. Just don't shimmer like that, OK? And stop being so soft. I mean it.