Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Conversation with Kate (age 6) About Canine Footwear

HER: I don't think we should get a dog.
JILL: Why not?
HER: I think it would ruin my shoes.
ME: What? How would it do that?
HER: I like my shoes.
JILL: Are you scared the dog would chew the shoes?
HER: No. Just with the claws.
ME: Wait. Are you afraid the dog would put your shoes on and walk around in them all the time and damage the shoes as a result?
HER: Yeah. So that's why we shouldn't get a dog.
ME: Well Kate, dogs don't wear shoes. They don't like putting shoes on and besides I don't think they could put them on even if they wanted to.
HER: Oh! Okay! Let's get a dog!



Blackeyes and Blackouts said...

Oh man....I have lots of dogs and my first bambino on the way. What to do?

Anonymous said...

Time to invest in a dog-proof box for the baby's shoes!

bonnie said...

So now that that's cleared up, will the Moe household be getting a canine addition?

Anonymous said...

The child and I stepped in some dog fertilizer and did not scrape it all off before getting in the car. Gag. I kind of yelled a lot about it.

Later, the child reported to a neighbor that we would not be getting a dog because their poop smells when you get it on your shoes and then mommy yells.

Ah, kids. Keeping me honest.