Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Accurate Yet Perhaps Not Entirely Prudent Suggestions For St Paul Tourism Slogans

"St Paul: Go ahead and cross at the crosswalk, but that doesn't mean any cars will slow down."

"St Paul: Come for the snow and stay for the snow. Because there's apparently always snow forever or something."

"St Paul, Minnesota: Where people apparently never want to get off the phone even if they're the guy calling to tell you he just set up the phone and that your phone should be working now and you're like, well, that's great maybe we should stop talking so I could call someone I know but oh, what?, okay, let's talk about what you think some more about politics, that's cool."

"St Paul: You will need a hat."

"St Paul: Why are you smiling at me? Have we met? Oh, I'm sorry. You're just smiling at me even though I'm a total stranger. Wow, now I really feel like an asshole."

"St Paul: Park for free downtown after 4:30. 4:30!"

"St Paul: We know it's cold here. And we would like to talk about it almost all the time, please."

"St Paul: Now that you're here, try to understand hockey! We dare ya!"


Kate said...

The second to last one sounds like Houston. We spend a lot of time talking about the heat and humidity. Except for when we talk about the rain and flooding.

I got a French Canadian to teach me about hockey when I lived in MI. Apparently, it is illegal to live in a state bordering Canada and not rabidly follow hockey. Who knew?

Anonymous said...

it's snowing here in seattle too. St. Paul isn't that bad. Go buy some fish at Coastal Seafood and be happy you're not stuck on I5 right now.


"Post-Google" by TAR ART RAT said...

Ahh, these little societal quirks... I still can't help this similar praise-bitching about Germany... (warning: such headspinning COULD go on for a very long time.)

Bruce Harrington said...

St Paul: It's cold and the property taxes are kinda high, but we don't have as much crime as Minneapolis.