Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Way Others See It - Special Shadowy Photo Edition

This from the flickr page of someone named "niiiiiiiiiiiki". Not sure I got the write number of "i"s but you get the idea.
you can learn a lot more from listening than you can from talking. find someone with whom you dont agree with in the slightest and ask them to explain themselves at length. then take a seat, shut your mouth, and dont argue back. its physically impossible to listen with your mouth open.

by john moe
radio hose and author of conservatize me

::this is the authors opinon, not necessarily that of starbucks or niiiiiikis::
Yes, I am a radio hose now. But some day I hope to be a radio spigot.


Jennifer said...

I have always (fondly) thought of you as a radio hose.

Scott Chicken said...

I think niiiiiiiiiiiiiiki's "radio hose" was a typo. Clearly he/she meant "radio hoser". Because you are, after all, Canadian...

Kimm said...

At least you're not a "radio drip", right?

Anonymous said...

thanks for using my picture, you radio hose, you!