Tuesday, July 03, 2007


It's been a while since I posted a new one of these but I wanted to make sure I delivered quality.


"Can you pretend you're Grandma just once and give us whatever we want?"



"Make sure you stop a car with a roof rack."


The shadowy men of Herman (which one is Herman, by the way?) are back with their odd Grandma fixations. This time they're lurking in the bushes. And it's the use of first person plural that's troubling. How many are there? And what's involved with the chair? What do they want the elderly hitchhiker to give them that Grandma normally provides? Solace? Are they still so inconsolable after the death of Grandma (presumably decades ago) that they now live in the shrubs near her house, hoarding her old furniture? It's literally a cry for help.

Dolly and Jeffy have had enough of living in their house. The dotted line paths wherever they travel, the dog named Barfy, the inhuman hauntings of Not Me and Dead Grandpa In Heaven. Screw it. They're taking off. Too young to drive, they've demanded Mommy perform a carjacking. And they're taking the damn fridge. There's still some perfectly good pasketti in there.


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Scott Chicken said...

Going with #2 today, but only because of your reference to pasketti. 'cause I loves me some pasketti.

BTW, Saturday's combo was pretty choice too...