Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Big Comeback Planned

I'm going to be all Elvis '68 y'all. Not sure why I've been so out of touch. Might have something to do with Charlie (age 6) reaching the point in his maturity where perhaps quoting him online all the time is somewhat discourteous. Or not. Might be the new job.
Might be the tense negotiations with Kate (age 4)
HER: Dad, can I have a guinea pig?
ME: No.
HER: Can I have one when I'm five?
ME: No.
HER: When can I have one?
ME: When you're 33, I'll buy you a guinea pig.
HER: Alright.

But I do plan to ramp up posting soon.

Meantime, I'll be in the bushes, controlling things with my mind.


Scott Chicken said...

That sounds suspiciously like negotiations with Maya. Only those usually end with "You can get a hamster when you're in your own apartment."

Kate said...

I have high school students who are like that (sadly since they're 16-20 years old).
Student (translated): Can I go to the restroom
Me: Sure. In 15 minutes.
Student: Cool! (With visions of wandering the halls and using his/her cell phone)

Sometimes they actually eventually figure out that the bell rings in 15 (or however many) minutes. Often, they don't.