Friday, November 10, 2006

Article about Conservatize Me up on Newsweek

Complete with disquieting photos and a headline that evokes Kafka. I have mentioned I wrote a book, right?


Anonymous said...

Reading the Newsweek piece it seemed you felt you began to lean conservative with earning more money ? In my experience it is more when one has children and needs to start protecting your money for the children. This would also explain why people with very different amounts of money become conservative when they have to really provide for a family's future and think a lot about protecting their children from the ugliness of the world. It's nice to have that choice.

I have no kids, so I stay liberal and watch my friends and family all morph conservative when the families start. Anyway, just my observation on the etiology of peoples' passage to conservatism as a stage of life.

john said...

First of all, thanks Anonymous for writing in. Loved Primary Colors.

I think you may be on to something. I know that since my kids were born, I've become significantly more wary of people and their capacity to harm, intentionally or not, my kids. I mean, I have more love in my heart too and I am not a jerk to strangers but I have this capacity I discovered to defend my kids by any means necessary should it come to that (which it hasn't).
I equate that a bit to the conversation I had with William Kristol in the book where he says that 9/11 taught us that perhaps the world wasn't continually getting along better and understanding each other more, We Are The World style. I kind of got where he was coming from with that.
And economically, yeah. I have to provide for these young mouthy recalcitrant offspring and am less inclined to chip in for massive civic expenditures when I don't feel convinced of their wisdom.
I wonder if having kids makes you more suspicious and suspicion breeds conservatism just as surely as I breed children.

Scott Chicken said...

So my question is, who the heck proofs their photo captions? Or were you really called a commie by lefties and a tool of the Bush administration by righties (photo 3...nice followthrough, btw)? Wouldn't that mean everyone loves you?

Not that they don't, mind you...

Jennifer said...

Damn. You are everywhere. There was the pledge gift on KUOW. I was waiting for a bus in front of Elliott Bay the other were in the window. I was at Powell's last were on display in the main foyer. I went to Powell's Web site are the review-a-day for today, right there on the home page. Newspaper--there you are. A woman was reading you in the employee lounge at work the other day. That is really freaking cool. Well done. I can't wait until the hardcover of Zombie Temps... comes out. :)