Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Famous People It's Okay To Like

As part of my work at some radio station, I sometimes come across people who are, to varying degrees, famous. Maybe I interview them, maybe they just pass through the green room. And sometimes one is nervous to meet famous people because you might enjoy their work but what if they're jerks? Here are some nice famous people (note: there are other nice famous people I've met who are not on this list so if you've heard me talk to someone on the radio and they're not here, it just means I'm forgetful and not thorough)

David Sedaris
Jamie Moyer
Jeff Tweedy
Slick Watts
Bonnie Dunbar
John Flansburgh
Krist Novoselic


Kris McN said...


susansinclair said...

But, what if *you're* one of the famous people it's okay to like?

john said...

No no. I'm a complete jerk. Impossible and moody. I've blacklisted myself, in fact.

dup said...

I'm so glad to see Jamie Moyer on this list, he's always been one of my favorite Mariners.