Friday, February 03, 2006

A Conversation With Charlie (Age 5) About...Something

ME: Who are you hanging out with at preschool these days? Who are your friends?
HIM: Well, mostly (x).
ME: (x)? What about (y)? You and (y) were so close.
HIM: Yeah, but mostly I like (x) now. It's good to get new friends and stop being with other friends, right?
ME: Well, I think it's good to make new friends and keep old friends.
HIM: Okay. Do you want three eyes?
ME: Huh? Three eyes?
HIM: I want four. No. A hundred. I want a HUNDRED EYES!

(an hour later, at bedtime)

ME: Hey Charlie, pretty soon it will be spring.
HIM: And then what will we do?
ME: Lots of things. We'll go to the garden store and get a big bag of...
HIM: Flowers?
ME: Ladybugs.
HIM: Ladybugs! WOW! That's so exciting we'll throw up our brains!
ME: Throw up our brains?
HIM: Yeah!
ME: Why would we do that?
HIM: That's what you do when something is REALLY exciting!
ME: Okay. Spring will come, we'll get ladybugs, then we'll throw up our brains.

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