Sunday, October 16, 2005

I Was Thinking About This Yesterday...

Did Madonna really star in a big screen version of Evita? Did she really play Eva Peron in a movie? Was Antonio Banderas really in it too? Did all of that really happen? Really?


Anonymous said...

You've been having a bad dream. Madonna's career never really extended beyond her mid-80's flash-in-the-pan status. Cyndi Lauper emerged as the 80's diva with true staying power, reinventing herself in a variety of guises and displaying a remarkable knack for staying on top of emerging trends in both music and fashion.

After twenty years of chart-topping success and a distinguished acting career, Ms. Lauper has of late assumed a lower profile, preferring to stay at home on her English estate with her husband and two daughters, Versailles, 9 and Origami, 2. She is still no stranger to controversy, however, and her recent highly public foray into the mystical Sufi tradition has ruffled some feathers. Her role in establishing the Beverly Hills Whirling Dervish Center, which caters to the Hollywood rich and famous, has drawn the ire of traditionalists, as has the upscale marketing campaign for the bottled "Dervish Water."


john said...

Whew! Cause I thought I was going crazy there for a bit. I just got the DVD of that big smash hit movie where Lauper plays Corazon Aquino. I think she won an Oscar for that one. Or did Donna Dixon win that year?