Wednesday, May 25, 2005

A Brief Conversation with Charlie (age 4) About Politics and Conservation:

HIM: Dad, are there bad guys?
ME: Yeah, I suppose there are.
HIM: Do we know any bad guys?
ME: No. No, I don't think we do.
HIM: Is Bush a bad guy?
ME: Bush?
HIM: The President. Bush. Is he a bad guy?
ME: Well, I think he really believes that...uh...well, some people have different opinions than other people...uh...
HIM: But he wants to drill in the arctic! And that will hurt the animals! We have to stop him and make him go away! People need to stop building so many houses! We have to stop Bush! People shouldn't drive their cars so much!
ME: Hey, get your shoes on.


Carny Asada said...

I'm with Charlie.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting how some adult things are more obvious to children than to, well, adults... :)

Anonymous said...

No, what this shows is the naivety of liberalism

Jason Grote said...

And I guess belebo is demonstrating the language and critical thinking skills of conservatives.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Charlie all the way! Am I the only person in the U.S. that believes that both of the Presidential elections were rigged? I ask people to name 3 things that the U.S. CIA is not capable of doing??? No one is able to mention one item. They start wars in other countries & make it appear as though their enemies did it. They have overthrown leaders in other countries. The U.S. would be easier to rig the election than many foreign countries. Daddy Bush was Head of the CIA & still has many friends within that organization plus other influential organizations. I believe that this was planned many years ago by Daddy Bush & friends. During the last election I was glued to the television & media as were several
relatives. I saw the woman in FL that voted for John Kerry and the machine punched G. W. Bush. The volunteers offered to change her paperwork to read Kerry, she said No to the volunteers & requested an attorney to witness what had happened. My Mother heard a similar story on the radio that happened in Ohio. The next day I couldn't wait to see how many supposedly errors occurred------not one word about any of them. The media had their mouths glued shut with cement by no other then the mighty Bushes. Why did the media comply? Because the U.S. is shoving demoncracy down every countries throat and they don't want any errors planned or otherwise to show. Why can't anyone but hired liers find G. W. Bushes military records? Because he was serving community serve for a DWI and cocaine possession in Texas. Daddy Bush & CIA friends issued him a new drivers license and eliminated his old one-----therefore there's no DWI or cocaine record. There's no record of anything including his military service which consequently never happened.