Monday, April 18, 2005

A Very Brief Conversation with Charlie (age 4)

ME: Hey it's lunchtime. What do you want for lunch? Sandwich?
HIM: No! I want extinct cat meat.


Louise said...

Is there any way to respond to that culinary request?

Anonymous said...

Two ways spring to mind. One, is the classic time-machine/steal a sabre-tooth tiger skeleton and scrape out some bone-marrow and clone it deal. The second, which is more labour intensive but slightly feasible, is that you put seven cats in a freezer and then systematically wipe out all other cats. You could start with one subspecies, such as the Manx cat, which lives on a tiny crap island near Britain and has no tail. There can't be more than thirty thousand Manx cats in the world...

Or, you could give him hamburger and slip a whisker in there for faux authenticity.