Monday, January 05, 2004

Game On

So All Things Considered on NPR ran a report last week about the trouble with online research, pointing to a student who thought Tito Puente was the former ruler of Yugoslavia (Marshall Tito). The hosts went on to suggest other world leader/musician combos: Don Ho Chi Minh, Ray Charles Taylor, and Lil' Kim Jong Il. I kind of like Lil' Jim Jong Il.

Well, game on.

Tony Blairnaked Ladies
Valery Giscard-D'eSting
Vladimir Putincubus
Andrew Jackson 5
SugarChurchill Gang
Fidel Amitri Castro
Charles Mugabe City Rollers
Jacques Chiracpile
Pervez Musharroffspring
Abraham Lincoln Park
Jean Chretienya
Tony Toni Tone' Blair

I'll try to think up some more.

Late entries from Sam Goldberg:

Nat King Helmut Kohl
B.B. King Abdullah II
Yassir AraFat Joe
Ariel-Supply Sharon
50-VinCente Fox
Beyon-Tse Tung
Saddam Hussein Clown Posse
Mikhail GWARbechev

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