Tuesday, July 08, 2003

What If Pro Athletes Joined Rock Bands?

Sam Goldberg and I have been kicking these around for a while. Here's what we came up with.

System of a McNown
Travis Knight Ranger
Chris Fuamatu Ma'afala Fighters
Richard Jefferson Starship
Reggie Jackson 5
Dinosaur Junior Seau
Destiny's Chris Child
Davis Loverboy III
Marshall Faulk Implosion
Bettis Than Ezra
Primitive Radio God Shammgod
Counting (Germane) Crowell
Proehl Dirty Bastard
Rolen Stones
Rondell White Stripes
Kendrell Bell Biv DeVoe
Gerry & the Orlando Pacemakers
Danny Whitesnake
Charlie Batch Street Boys
Crosby Stills Nash and Dmitri Young
David Carrland Vocal Band
Twisted Sistrunk
J.D. Drews Traveler
Sigur Jalen Ros
Junior Felix M.A.F.I.A.
Tony Tone' Toni Kukoc
Guns n' Malik Roses
Dallas Cowboy Junkies
Edie Brickell & Bryce Drew Bohemians
Tears for Chris Mears
Sugar Grant Hill Gang
Zach Day Real Estate
Vida Blue Oyster Cult
Jars of Cassius Clay
Mario (Lemieux) Speedwagon
Depeche Moog
Judas Priest Holmes
Grant Fuhr Railroad
Orchestral Manute Bol in the Dark

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