Friday, March 28, 2003

The Pick n' Roll
So I work on this busy street in Seattle's University District and there's this guy on this one corner that I walk by daily. And he always wants some money and he's one of these guys that tries to engage you in small talk as a prelude to revealing his true intentions. Big hassle but I don't want to be a jerk, right? I'd rather just avoid him but I won't be rude. So now I've discovered that if I use the old-fashioned pick and roll move from basketball, I can avoid him entirely. I walk behind and just off to the side of another pedestrian, putting them between myself and the panhandler. That pedestrian doesn't want to walk directly in front of me so they stay in position. Just before we get to the panhandler, I step up a bit, they step to the side to avoid me and the panhandler has them snared. I curl off behind and I'm on my way.
I'm thinking of signing an actual out of work NBA big man to walk with me at all times to truly perfect this. Maybe I could sign Olden Polynice or Jim McIlvaine.

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