Friday, March 21, 2003


Orchestral Manoeuvres in Tha Dogg Pound
Atari Teenage Quiet Riot
Average Great White Band
'Lil Bow Wow Wow
Frank Black Sabbath
The Guess The Who
PJ Harvey Danger
Badly Drawn Boy George
Fine Young Fresh Cannibal Fellows
Better Than Enya
Better Than Joan Baezra
Semisonic Youth
Steely Dan Fogelberg
The Rolling Stone Roses
Ace of Basehead
Christian Sleater Kinney
Sister Christian Sleater Kinney
Twisted Sister Christian Sleater Kinney
The Magnetic Sally Fields
A Tribe Called Question Mark and the Mysterians
Peter Buckcherry
Kool Moe Deeeee-lite
Peter, Paul, and Sky Cries Mary
Camper Van Halen
Tony Tone Toni Basil
Destiny's Child Prodigy
Megadeth Cab for Cutie
Kid n' Coldplay
De La Soul Coughing
De La Soul II Soul Coughing
Dave Matthews The Band
Moby Moby Grape
Grateful Dead Can Dance
English Beat Happening
Aaron Carter Family
American Mickey Music Mouse Club
Harry Chapin Carpenters
Run-DMC&C Music Factory
Pearl Jam & Bread
Credence Bongwater Revival
Beastie Boys II Men
Beastie Beach Boys II Men
Backstreet Beastie Beach Boys II Men Without Hats
Medeski, Martin, and Wood and Ron Wood and Dean Martin and Another Guy Named Medeski
Joe C. & the Pussycats
Patti LaBelle & Sebastian
Savion, Danny, and Crispin Gloverboy
Barry Whitesnake
Residents of the United States of America
Barenaked Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Supertramp!
Brooks & Dunn and Bradstreet
Sly & The Family Stone Temple Pilots
The Notorious R.E.M.
Crosby, Stills, & Nashville Pussy
Alan Jackson 5
Ugly Kid Joe Jackson
Indigo Girls Against Boys
Lifehouse of Pain
Third Eye Blind Melon
Third Eye Blind Mellencamp
Third Eye Blind Cougar Mellencamp
Sixpence None The Richard Thompson
Body Counting Crows
Color Me Badd Religion
A Perfect Circle Jerks
Talk Mister Duran, Talk Mister Duran
Primal Screaming Trees
Elton John Denver
Incubusty Springfield
Grant Lee Buffalo Tom Jones
Toto the Wet Sprocket
Simon and Gar Funk Railroad
'Lil Kim Carnes
Bell Biv Devo
Rage Against Tin Machine
Days of the New Edition
Sugar Ray Cyrus
Peaches and Herb Alpert
Marilyn Hanson
Carole King Missile
Fatboy Slim Whitman
Blink b-52's
Blink 188 Special
General Public Enemy
Sisters of Percy Sledge
Faith No Morcheeba
Jars of Robert Cray
Keith Sweat and Tears
The Mamas and the Papa Roach
Suge Knight Ranger
Phish Styx
Police Cars
Morris Day Real Estate
Del Amitri, tha Funkee Homosapien
2 Live Cutting Crew
Celine Dio
K-Ci & Falco
The Crystal Gayle Method

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