Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Moe Family Jumps Shark

Recently, in a desperate bid to boost ratings, we went on a family trip to Kauai. "The Moe Family is going to Hawaii!" we shouted. Mysterious goings on with tiki gods soon followed. We all learned to surf and even won a contest. A huge luau was held as Charlie (age 5) fell in love with an adorable Hawaiian girl. Okay, most of that didn't happen. But we did go to Hawaii.

So what does every sitcom do when the Hawaii plotline has passed? That's right: the new baby. Coming in March. Because honestly, the ones we got won't stay cute forever. This will buy us a little more time. A third kid. Completing the trilogy. Working title: Return of the Jedi Moe. There will never be a Phantom Menace Moe because those movies never happened.


susansinclair said...

Congrats! (and "Return" is just a *working* title, right? Because I was thinking "Rush" might be nice...)

la Ketch said...

such happy news. congratulations!

Kate said...

Congrats! I so enjoy hearing about your family and your work.

I'm still laughing about your follow-ups to one-hit-wonders. And "Operation Osama bin Whonow."

tina said...

What??!! WAAAH! Woo-hoo!

New small Moe! New small Moe!

Congratulations, and don't name the baby Oliver, or have it played by Raven Symone.

Matthew said...

Oh boy. You're so gloriously doomed. Congratulations you poor doomed bastard(s).
Matthew (father of one)