Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Get Out Your Satin Jackets - We Have Tour Dates


10/4 SEATTLE, WA/Seattle Book Salon w/Seattle Magazine/Party& Signing - The Big Picture in Belltown

10/5 SEATTLE, WA/Queen Anne Books/Speaking & Signing

10/6 OAKLAND, CA/NCIBA/Speaking @ Welcome Reception

10/7 OAKLAND, CA/NCIBA/Signing

10/12 PORTLAND, OR/PNBA/Speaking & Signing @ Celebration of Authors

10/15 PORTLAND, OR/Powell’s Bookstore/Speaking & Signing

10/16 CAPITOLA, CA/Capitola Book Café/Speaking & Signing

10/17 SAN FRANCISCO, CA/Books Inc./Speaking & Signing

10/18 SANTA ROSA, CA/Copperfield’s Books/Speaking & Signing

10/19 BERKELEY, CA/Black Oak Books/Speaking & Signing

10/20 BELLINGHAM, WA/Village Books/Speaking & Signing

10/23 BOSTON, MA/Boston University Bookstore/Speaking&Signing

10/24 WASHINGTON, DC/Barnes & Noble(Georgetown)/Speaking&Signing

10/25 MINNEAPOLIS, MN/Magers & Quinn Books/Speaking & Signing

10/26 MILWAUKEE, WI/H.W. Schwartz Bookstore/Speaking & Signing

10/27 AUSTIN, TX/Texas Book Festival/Speaking & Signing

10/28 AUSTIN, TX/Texas Book Festival/Panel & Signing

11/1 LAKE FOREST PARK, WA/Third Place Books/Speaking & Signing

11/6 SEATTLE, WA/University Bookstore/Speaking & Signing


Scott Chicken said...

Question 1: If I have a satin jacket, will you sign it?

And question 2: I'm not up on book-signing ettiquitte...am I allowed to bring the copies I'm getting from Amazon to another book store's signing, or will they beat me with a brickbat?

Ben said...

i know no one actually reads in los angeles, but where's the love?

john said...

Mr. Chicken, I think you can bring whatever you damn well please. Failed Japanese tour t-shirts, whatever.
Ben, I'm told that people in LA don't read. Thus, bookstore events there aren't so big a deal. There has been interest in the film rights, though, so perhaps I'll be down there once the blockbuster movie version comes out.

kb said...

I don't see a stop on the Daily Show there yet...YET!