Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Question: Summer's Most Memorable Moment

What was the one moment that stood out in your summer this year? Part of a vacation? A particularly good ice cream cone?

For me, it was a day in July when, as we had done so often, we loaded up the kids to go look at houses. They were reluctant. Truculent. Surly. But there were some new listings and we hoped it would pan out this time. First on the bill was a house we had looked at and liked but on second pass it just seemed too small. Then on to house #2. It was having an "agents open house", so it was a lot of real estate agents and a big steaming tray of egg rolls (as is the custom in St Paul with this type of showing). Jill went in first while I hung out with the kids in the van. Then it was my turn, and this was the moment of the summer, I went in and thought, "Oh! I'm home!"

We bought the house and moved in two days ago. Lovely place. I hope to be there for years and years.

(Birth of Margaret was technically a springtime event.)

What was the most memorable moment of your summer?



Agen said...

Somewhat similar to yours -- getting our house addition plans through the permit process, which essentially gives us a brand new home. We just have to unload bags of money to a bunch of contractors to make it a reality. Now, where did I put those bags...

Amanda from Michigan said...

I fell on my face while looking at a dinosaur with a cheese head (while in Green Bay of course). While it was not a good memory, I will never, ever forget it.

Elisabeth Fredrickson said...

Tie between standing on the summit of Mt. Rainier and watching my son do his first-ever front flip off the diving board at Greenlake.

john said...

Dude. It's good to be a loving mom and all but come on. Rainier.

Scott Chicken said...

Man, this one's hard to nail down 'cause we had a great summer filled with great moments. But if I had to pick one I'd probably go with standing in our motel room in Spokane watching a monster thunder storm dump a huge amount of rain in the parking lot, knowing that not only was I not trying to sleep in a tent, but that I'd be home the next night.

Tied for a close second was wandering around the Badlands with my nephew taking pictures as the sun set, and fighting the howling winds a few hours later as they ate our tents.

bd said...

Playing in the warm waters of the ocean with my niece was pretty great (even after I lost my glasses).

Eating plums off the tree.

Seeing Willie Nelson with my parents and CK and George. That hasn't actually happened yet, but I have high hopes.

Grumpy Crumpet said...

Demonstrating weaving at this year's State Fair. Weaving with pretty yarn I had dyed with Easter egg dyes. Yarn I had spun. With my wheel.

What can I make on this loom? Hmm... let's see/ A prize-winning scarf from more cool yarn I spun?

How long have I been weaving? Hmmm. March maybe? Yep, pretty uch taught myself. Took a class from the Weaver's Guild from an awesome teacher and I won a ribbon!

Last year I was watching the spinners at the fair with my nails in my mouth. Hadn't even rigged up a spindle from a CD yet. Wheels scared me. Forget looms! I love promoting the Guild.

Yep, that's what I'll keep for my summer memory. Much better than remembering why I stink at high pressure jobs like lifeguarding.

Lindsay Evelyn said...

My boyfriend and I doing the right and brave thing by breaking up at 10:30am on a Sunday morning. Then me crying while getting shitfaced in a bar at 11am, so that I could get through my sketch team meeting an hour later. Then alternately crying and sleeping the rest of the day, followed by waking up the next morning feeling like life is pretty okay.


MintyJ said...

This is going to make it sound like I had a total crap summer, which I didn't. But honestly the most memorable summer moment for me was going to the ER when I was visiting my folks and being told I had shingles. Sucky McSuckerton.