Monday, August 18, 2008

A Conversation with Kate (age 5) About Avian Funeral Practices

KATE: Dad, do you remember that dead pigeon Charlie found?
ME: Sure. A couple weeks ago. Down the street there.
KATE: Dad, I never saw the dead pigeon.
ME: I know. By the time you came back to see it, it was gone. Did you want to see it?
KATE: Yeah. But I was too late.
ME: Well, you weren't missing much.
KATE: I think what happened was his pigeon friends came down and buried him.

As always, the world Kate lives in tops the world the rest of us are stuck with.



bd said...

At least she can tell us about it. So we know what we're missing.

Grumpy Crumpet said...

Maybe Kate could come to my house and work her magic.

The little mousies could come gather their fallen comrades and march them off. Much better than me and 3 baggies!