Friday, May 02, 2008

Friday Question

All I can come up with for the Friday Question is:

Hey guess what?!

Not much of a question but I've been a little occupied.

Please welcome to the world Margaret Eleanor Joy Moe. We'll call her Margaret. We might even call her Maggie. So far: Margaret.

Name etymology:

Margaret - a name we've always loved. We think it's smart, kind of sophisticated, classical, and fun. Also, if she's Maggie, that makes her the baby sister with an older brother and a middle sister, just like The Simpsons, a program I've always enjoyed (but wait a minute, if Charlie's Bart and Kate's Lisa, that makes me...d'oh!)

Eleanor - (music geek alert! beware!)
We wanted to involve music in this child's name in some way since music is such a beautiful part of life. One of my favorite songs is "Eleanor Put Your Boots On" by Franz Ferdinand. It's this slow dreamy song about how Eleanor can do all these wonderful things and leap from the Coney Island Roller Coaster and the Statue of Liberty and have air streams gently set her down and how "I could be there when you land". It's just magical and beautiful. Better still, it was written about the lead singer's girlfriend Eleanor Friedberger, who is in the band The Fiery Furnaces, a band SHE started with her brother. So you have beauty, magic, love, and family all in the one name. And it's kind of classy besides.
(music geek alert complete)

Joy - Two middle names! Because why not! This is Charlie's. He says it was the feeling he got when he thought about the baby. Come to find out he also heard it in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles "and Pokemon!" Kate pointed out. But he insists it came from his heart first, not a cartoon.

Moe - Well, yeah, Moe.


Jennifer said...

That's a darling little baby face. Congratulations! I am very happy for all five of you. Five! Wow! Love to all of you.

Cara said...

Holy! Congratulations and happy happy happy Margaret Day!

grammy said...

Oh, hooray for the new Moe! Love the names, just LOVE 'EM.
Blessings on you all!

Suzanne said...

Ahhh, congratulations. Love the name.

Paige said...

Well done, Moes! Sounds like a team effort. Maya will be so jealous to hear that Kate gets to be a big sister. Luh-kee!

Amanda from Michigan said...

What a darling! She has wonderful names. Congratulations!

Kate said...

Congratulations on your beautiful girl with the beautiful names!

dup said...

Congratulations Moes!

Scott Chicken said...

Since the question is "Hey Guess What" I'll be the first to give the correct answer:


Oh, and congrats on the arrival of Maggie. We can only hope she has wonderfully star-shaped hair like her namesake!

jane said...

Wow, this has been a busy time for you, hasn't it? A new Moe!?! She's lovely, and congratulations to you all.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and love to all from Indy!

kbow said...

Congratulations. Lovely name for a lovely baby. Three is the new two.

Also, whaaa!? You instigated a life-altering household move when your wife was eleventy months pregnant? Mrs. Moe is a ROCK STAR!

Tina Rowley said...

Margaret Margaret Margaret Moe!

Welcome to the little bumblebee and congratulations to the Family Von Moe!


Michelle de Seattle said...

Happy Happy Joy Joy! Congrats!

Ben said...

We recently welcomed our own little Eleanor to, well, Earth. Love the name, all of it.


Kimm said...

Congratulations and thanks for sharing the photo!

I am currently listening Are Ye Sleeping Maggie? by Dougie MacLean in honor of you and your newest Moe.