Monday, May 12, 2008

Cheers created by Kate (age 5) in support of her brother Charlie (age 7) as she watches him ride his scooter

Charlie Charlie, he's the man!
He can do it, he's the best!

Charlie Charlie, he's the best!
He can fight, he's the best!

Charlie Charlie he's the winner!
He can win two trophies!

Charlie Charlie he's the winner!
Trophy two, trophy he!

Charlie Charlie he's the man!
He can win three trophies!

Charlie Charlie he wants a dog!
He wants a collie he he he!



jane said...

Yes, yes, more kid quotes! What a great sister. Does she have any cheers for Margaret yet? My daughter is learning a wide variety of "cheers" in kindergarten -- what's up with that?

Scott Chicken said...

Can we request custom cheers and have her record them on our answering machines? If so, Logan's got a hike this weekend and could use a cheer. And Maya could use some encouragement in spelling...

Amy said...

Is this translated from the Japanese?

Cara said...

I like how Charlie went from a possible two trophies, to a possible THREE. Something notable must have happened in between cheers 3 and 5.

Tina Rowley said...

Yeah, I'm also for the custom cheers. Can Kate come to Dave's and my green card interview next Thursday? They'd just slide him some citizenship, I think. She BRINGS IT ON.