Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Tonight is Bon Jovi Night on American Idol

Other nights I would really like to see on American Idol:

Rammstein Night
Kate Bush Night
Beat Happening Night
Throat Singing Night
Gregorian Chant Night
Itsy-Bitsy Spider Night
Just Fucking Screaming As Loud As You Can Night
Kraftwerk Night
Wagner Night
Jack Wagner Night
Rick Springfield Night (Jesse's Girl not allowed)
Whistling Night
John Cage 4:33 Night


Chris said...

I want Billy Bragg night! Billy would help the contestants apply the principles of dialectical materialism to their music and explain the difference between democratic socialism and social democracy.

Also, he's written really great songs that would sound terrific sung by big black women.

Scott Chicken said...

Rammstein would be good, but Henry Rollins Night would be even better because he'd just taunt them and finally storm off.

Shatner Spoken Word Night would be killer as well.

Kris McN said...

Don't forget Klaus Nomi night!

Matthew said...

I find your lack of GWAR disturbing.

tina said...

This is great to think about.

Bjork Night would be nice.
Ebn Ozn Night.
Men Without Hats Night.
Diamanda Galas Night.
The Bulgarian Women's Choir Night.
Herbie Hancock Night.

susansinclair said...

1. Steve Lawrence & Edie Gourmet night
2. Flock of Seagulls night
3. Politically Correct 1970s Wimmin's Music Night

tina said...

Can't stop.

"I was really surprised that Jordin picked The Safety Dance, as it's so recognizable. I think it will be a challenge for her in that respect, but if she can wrap her arms around the lyrics and just stand there and feel the emotions of the song, I think she'll do well."