Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hotdish On A Stick

So my recent discussion of the introductory (introductive?) powers of Midwesterners spurred some discussion about "hotdish", the Wikipedia entry of which was nicely provided by dear friend Money J Money Nine. Through that entry, I found out about Hotdish On A Stick, served at the Minnesota State Fair last year.

And, I just can't describe how I feel about it. I mean...I wrote a book...I'm a journalist...I'm actually quite good at coming up with words but Hotdish On A Stick? Nothing.

Hotdish. On A Stick. Stick. Hotdish.


Kate said...

I know this isn't very creative, but the words sick and wrong come to mind. I'm also mystified by the physics of it. I suppose they cut out a "slice" or whatever you call it, put a stick in, freeze it, and then fry it? Not that I have room to talk. Have you been to the TX State Fair? Fried Coca-Cola, anyone?

susansinclair said...

What a fabulous name for a band: Hotdish on a Stick. Or maybe just a fun saying, like "Jesus H. Christ on a Raft." Like, "Hotdish on a Stick, that pisses me off!"