Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Rules for Rock, Paper, Scissors as Established by Charlie (age 6)

Rock crushes scissors
Scissors cut paper
Paper covers rock but it really ought not to
Cake gets cut by scissors
Rock crushes cake
Cake stains paper
Blue whale swallows rock, scissors, and paper
Missile does not hurt blue whale because there are no missiles in this game
Jupiter obliterates blue whale
Salad loses to everything and wait there is no salad in this game either
Black holes don't count


Christopher said...

Makes perfect sense to me, but how do you make the hand gestures for cake, blue whale, or Jupiter?

And does this mean we now have to call the game, "Rock, Paper, Scissors, Cake, Blue Whale, Jupiter" instead?

Feminist, Ph.D. said...

I wish I'd known about Jupiter, because I played a game of rock-paper-scissors with Charlie & Kate a few days ago, and Charlie busted out the Blue Whale. Then I think Kate invented something called Horse, or maybe it wasn't a horse, but anyway it beat everything. Then I thought of something amazing that really did beat everything, which right now I can't remember, but then Charlie pointed out that scissors could beat it which, in fact, it could have. Why couldn't I have invented Blue Whale?