Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Soul of Starbucks

By now, you've heard all about this memo Howard Schultz sent around about Starbucks losing its soul. I'm doing a story on it for this weekend's show. Going to a Starbucks with a pastor and a soul singer to talk about the idea of soul. On Seattlest, I found this clip:

and sent it to my editor in LA. His response after watching it: "I'm going to punch you the next time I see you."


Matthew said...

"Okay, I need a rhyme for 'place."

"What about: 'place'?"


pseyler said...

I can't help but think of a story you told me years ago about a guy who was working insane hours at Nike and one day woke up and realized he was giving away his life for shoes. Shoes. So, he quit.

Scott Chicken said...

That video needs to start with some kind of disclaimer. Or the biohazard emblem. Something to warn of the pain it's about to inflict.