Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Conversation with Charlie (Age 6) About Love

ME: So who was that girl at soccer practice?
HIM: Oh, that was (x).
ME: She seems to really, ah, like you.
HIM: She loves me! And whenever it's time to pick partners she just grabs me!
ME: Yeah, I noti--
HIM: And kisses me! She just loves me so much! She loves me so much that I just have to love her too. She kind of made me love her by loving me so much.
ME: Well, that'll happen sometimes.
HIM: It's like she wants to marry me but I'm just a kid!


Brianna said...

Oh my god I just died from the cuteness. And then the cuteness brought me back to life so that I could submit this comments -- that's the kind of power we are dealing with.

Christopher said...

This child is just far to wise for his age - are you sure you didn't have some 40 year-olds brain transplanted in there while he was in post-natal?

Tom Dougherty said...

That kid's a goldmine. If he can tap dance, I'd put him on the vaudeville circuit before the cute runs out!


Scott Chicken said...

Christopher's not quite right there...if it was a 40-year-old the story would end "so I had to file a restraining order."

Glad to see Charlie has resisted the law and gone for the love, though. Will he be bringing her to the gig on Friday to hear the debut of "Fish on Fire"?

Matthew said...

"... and other times, no matter how much you love someone, they will never love you back. Never. Even if you love them a lot. That's called stalking."

susansinclair said...

Cute, and yet...I'm a wee bit alarmed by the "she made me love her" reference...And then, I remembered that he's 6.

Ask him about this again when he's 25.