Friday, March 16, 2007

Rocky Roll!

Come on down to the Seattle Drum School's LAB (Little Auditorium in the Back...12510 15th Ave NE in Seattle) tonight and enjoy some good old fashioned Birthday Party music with your old friends Chicken Starship! It's Paige Chicken's birthday (she's Scott Chicken's wife) and all she wanted for her birthday was a concert with her two favorite bands, us and the Sacred Truths. And for once her husband didn't let her down!

The show starts at 7...there was supposed to be a third band on the bill, but they have since bailed. The Drum School is trying to round up a replacement, but it's quite possible that they won't be able to. In which case the show will still start at 7, with the Truths getting the joint jumping. We will then hop on stage some time around 8 and shut down the joint.

Tickets are $5 at the door. It's all-ages, so no booze, but we will have various liquid refreshments available for a minor donation, and plenty of free birthday cake. So come help Paige Chicken whoop it up!

Chicken Starship

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