Friday, May 08, 2009

Family on the radio

I'm doing a story for The Splendid Table about kids and cooking. We had Charlie and Kate prepare a family meal, sweet and sour chicken plus rice and for some reason dumplings, which they then refused to eat.

JOHN: But this was your idea!
CHARLIE: Ugh! Well, when I always see it in restaurants it doesn’t look like something from a squid’s body part.
JOHN: Well, you want a dumpling?
CHARLIE: Ooh yeah!
KATE: Can I try one?
JOHN: It’s white and bland.
KATE: Actually I don’t want it.
JOHN: Yes you do! Eat the dumplings or you’re out of the family.
CHARLIE: You’re kidding.
KATE: Are you kidding?
JOHN: I’m half kidding. And you know it might be terrible.
KATE: It is! I just not like it. Mom, you can have it.
JILL: No thanks.
JOHN: I’ll eat it.
KATE: Ooh, thanks
JOHN: Charlie, are you okay?
CHARLIE: I don’t want to try the dumplings.
JOHN: Did you try the dumplings?
JOHN: The dumpling is pretty bad, actually.
JILL: They’re horrible. Give ‘em to the baby. I bet the baby will eat them.



Glenn Fleishman said...

I would think you're making this stuff up, but I was lucky enough to meet your two older kids. So it's obviously true.

Did it really taste awful? That's the worst. "KIDS EAT THIS MIRACULOUS THING WE MADE." "BLEAH." "OH, YES, IT'S HORRIBLE! But next time, it will delicious." "Yeah, right."

jane said...

Did it air already? When, when? Will you post a link? Of course you will. Your publicist will make you, right?

Jennifer said...

Either your kids are going to grow up to be incredibly healthy and well-balanced adults or they'll be really, really messed up. I can't decide which yet.

Christopher said...

If your family were a sit-com I would watch it every week.

cathy said...

I actually heard this on the "Splendid Table" podcast & it was great fun to hear you again. I really miss "Weekend America". Best of luck to you & the rest of the show