Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Question

Okay, we've been pretty heavy around here lately. Philosophical Friday Questions, long posts that are emotionally exhausting for all involved. Let's take a nice summer week and go back to a long time favorite:

I'm On To You!

I'm on to you, tiny air conditioners.
I'm on to you, Sharon Osborne.
I'm on to you, Vitamin Water.
I'm actually sort of even on to you, regular water.
And I'm completely on to you, Steve Ballmer and David Stern.

Who or what are you on to?



Erma said...

I'm on to you, muffins. You're really just cake disguised as breakfast.

john said...

this from Shannon Kipp:
I'm on to you bluetooth
I'm on to you Coke Zero
I'm on to you Celebrity Family Feud

Scott Chicken said...

I'm on to you, "Wipeout"
I'm on to you, "I Survived a Japanese Game Show"
And I'm totally on to you, Japanese game shows!

Christopher said...

I'm on to you Windows Vista

I'm on to you too, metal water bottles

And I am so on to YOU, Richie Sexson

Cara said...

I'm on to you, Oprah.

nancymcjensen said...

I'm on to you, housework.
I clean you all the time, and you just get dirty again. I'm reverting to squalor.

Jennifer said...

I'm on to you, BPA.
I'm on to you "gas efficient" fuel sucking cars.
I'm on to you, Yoda.

john said...

Jill here:
I'm onto your Friday questions John Moe.

Amanda from Michigan said...

I'm on to you lightning bugs

MintyFresh_doubleA said...

i'm on to you Truffle Oil Butter....

Emily said...

I'm on to you, FaceBook.

Emily said...

I'm on to you, Scott Adams.