Friday, June 13, 2008

Public Service

I won't be seeing The Happening for many reasons:
1. It's not based on What's Happening (Rerun is not involved).
2. I don't much care for suicide as entertainment.
3. I don't much care for really sucky movies as entertainment.

But there is fun to be had in the mocking of really reeeeeally bad movies. But even then, you have to watch them, right? Wrong. Christopher Orr of The New Republic has a spoiler-intensive guide to the most dumbass moments in The Happening so you can mock without enduring the film itself. Whew!



Kate said...

Ugh. Just reading that article was enough. More than enough.

"Post-Google" by TAR ART RAT said...

after Lady in the Water I was kind of wondering when people (studios, producers, theatre-goers) were going to vote with their feet and stop giving M. Night their money, BUT amazingly enough- it seems like everyone just has a big field day of gushing about how bad his latest film is, --- maybe it IS worth it, afterall. Entertainment from entertainment, an interactive sort of experience- a chorus, we are all united for a brief moment...
Disclaimer: (ok, I saw the Village on an airplane and kind of liked it...)