Monday, August 13, 2007

Harry Potter and the Big Funnel sales haven't quite measured up

Kottke points to this NYT rundown of Chinese Harry Potter knock-off plot summaries.

After six years at Hogwarts, Harry Potter becomes an intern sorcerer and is assigned to teach at the Honiton School. Harry has a painful time in his aunt’s house, as Dudley has met a belly-dancing girl. As Harry prepares to report to his job, Bat Bug warns him disaster awaits.

At the school, his students become wooden stools one after another. Harry doesn’t know whether an evil student is behind this, or if his old benefactor Hagrid is making a mistake, or if the shadow of Voldemort has returned. Did it have something to do with the big funnel?

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Scott Chicken said...

Man, I'm always on the lookout for Big Funnel.

The exerpt from "Harry Potter and the Half-Blooded Relative Prince" is also nice...didn't realize Harry Potter was a Pokemon trainer, but it makes sense that he would move on to monsters after mastering the owl.