Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Do You Think I Should Be, Like, Worried?

This is what we found in our daughter Kate's dollhouse today. And yes, that is an oven that the cat's head is in.

To me, it's all about the alarmed cat standing next to the oven. I mean, the cat with the head in the oven is okay. But the alarmed cat with arms sticking straight in the air makes it a real drama.


Christopher said...

Made even more dramatic by the obvious ambiguity of kitty #2's expression. Is it alarm? Shock? Elation? A touchdown?

What's the REAL story here?

pseyler said...

These days, believe it or not, I'm working as a child therapist. In my opinion, it's when ms. kitty is shoving mr. kitty's head into the oven that you have to worry. Double points if she is also blowing out the pilot light.

The Creative Death said...

haha thats amazing.
Can't say I ever did that with my toys, that I can remember anyways.
Thats an awesome picture.

Ryan said...

Perhaps he is repairing the oven and she is applauding his success.

tina said...

Oh, my word. I sort of don't even want to know the real story. The mystery of the scene is gripping.