Monday, December 15, 2008


1. I keep meaning to write long meaningful posts but have no time. Many kids. One a baby. Busy job. God trying to ice murder me (negative seven this morning, wind chill today of 35 below). So: items.

2. The baby loves cheese. Like a whole lot. Is this a result of us moving to the uppwe midwest or did she uterusly guide us here?

3. The baby can be calmed by music, including, curiously enough, The Hold Steady and The Pernice Brothers. When I play Neil Young songs, she gets all intrigued and concerned looking. So she's healthy.

4. Man, I try to make one off the cuff remark on the air and up show the grammarian lunatics:

5. I stopped twittering a while ago on account of I was going crazy. I still twitter at but I pretend I'm a radio show when I do that.

6. I've heard hardly any traffic reports since arriving in Minnesota. But weather? Almost constant updates. Los Angeles updates traffic AND air quality. I think cities issue the most updates on whatever part of that city will likely kill you fastest.

7. kaygottagobye.



emily said...

haha! item 6 is what we learned in reverse when we moved to seattle from minneapolis.

Scott Chicken said...

Wow. Lucky for me I'm on LPFM and am heard by six people, only two of whom have the Internet. One uses it to e-mail me asking what happened to the news, the other to e-mail me jokes and videos that fill my inbox.

erma said...

That's cool about Language Log. At one time those were my peeps. Way to baffle them linguists!