Thursday, October 09, 2008

Minnesota Politics

In 1998 Minnesota elected Jesse Ventura as governor. I couldn't believe it at the time. But a friend who lived here then explained that the guys he was running against were just terrible and, well, you had to be here.

Now I'm here. One of those guys Ventura beat was Norm Coleman, now a US Senator running for re-election. His campaign is presently being derailed by charges that a wealthy contributor bought him some suits and that he gets a really ridiculously screaming deal on a DC apartment.

Here's Coleman spokesman Cullen Sheehan addressing reporters and being left to die. I hope you never see a more painful press conference than this one.

He's running against Al Franken.

Ventura almost ran again this year.



Eric said...

Love this. Thanks, John.
I saw ur tweet about WV sliding to TossUp and agree -- but refuse to get overly optimistic.
So, instead, I think we should offer this solace to McCain-Palin. They are polling over 60% in Utah, Idaho and Wyoming and Obama isn't even that loved in Massachusetts or Illinois (though, to be fair, he's got 82% of DC behind him).

Scott Chicken said...

Wow. That's I'm not sure whether I'm more amazed by the press conference or the fact that Siskel loved the Stuart Smalley movie.

Jennifer said...

So, I have just one question. Has the senator reported every gift he has received?

minnesota:madre said...